Economics dissertation titles

Economics Dissertation Titles

We have provided the selection of example economics dissertation titles below to help and inspire you:

Distribution of wealth in Saudi Arabia. For a rich country, with the world’s largest oil reserve, a large number of people are either poor or not as well off as they potentially could be. This must be a consequence of government policy. What are the effects of current policies on the country’s economy – including opportunity cost? And what policies should the country adopt to make its economy and the welfare of its citizens better?

To clarify the thesis is about USA law and the effect their illegal immigrants have on America. Perhaps focusing in on the data of one state (ie California) can help illustrate the effects.

A Comparison of Foreign Trade System between China and India.

A Global Economic Future: A current and predictive analysis of the economic impact of India and China on the global marketplace.

Adverse Effect of Antidumping Laws on Developing Countries.

Are small businesses in the UK in a better position to respond to the challenges of the ‘credit crunch’ than big firms?

Contrasts between financial structures in UK and Japan; what have we learnt from the recent crisis?

Critically analyse China’s policy of non interference. How, if at all, is the policy altering the current Global political economy?

Does Changes in Finance Effect Growth Levels at a UK Firm Level?

Does Micro finance have an economic and social impact on developing countries: An empirical analysis of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh.

Flat tax reform in Russia and its effect on levels of tax evasion.

Foreign direct investment in China, impact on the chinese economy.

Foreign Direct Investment In Libya, Morocco or any other North African Country.

Globalisation and its impact on poverty in developing countries with special reference to the UAE?

Globalisation and its impact on the UAE tourism over the past 10years?

Has regional integration in Africa promoted trade in ECOWAS / Impact of regional integration in Africa on trade. Can be confined to one regional bloc or can be general.

Have green taxes (pigovian tax) in the UK gone far enough?

How balance of trade has an effect on economic growth in China (1989-2008).

How efficient is debt relief in reducing economic growth in the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC’S)?

Impact of globalization on inflation.

Middle East Real Estate: Return, risk, and diversification opportunities.

On the determinants of the debt crisis with a focus on P.I.G.S.-Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

Prospect and challenges of economic cooperation between Ukraine and European Union.

The core of the project is theme about ‘HOW TO ASSESS THE IMPACT OF FDI ON AN ECONOMY’ (China and selected Central European countries: Poland, Hungary, Slovakia,Slovenia and Czech Rep.)

The effects of fiscal policy in selected countries.

The effects of forward direct investment on economic growth in England.

The evolution of the exchange rates in UK. Causes and consequences.

The Impact of Demand and Supply shocks on UK inflation and the effectiveness of Monetary policy before and after central bank independence.

The Past and Present and Future UK Foreign Economic Development And Aid Policy.

To What Extent has economic growth In Uganda succeeded in reducing poverty since 1983 to present?

Will tighter banking regulation prevent banks from failing.


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