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ICT Learning Platform for Student and Teacher Connection





  1. Introduction


As a human being we have some basic demand, accommodation is one of them. Now days everyone con not effort to learn their own satisfaction. Since 19th century, students using learning system around the world. The purpose of our project to connecting Student and Teacher and increasing ICT learning system facilities through web. The main goal of our project that we create a website that creates a communication among teacher and students for learning purpose. In this system first student easily create account and login in our system then he registered as a student or a teacher through email and Phone number(optional) which verifying by our admin then student/teacher are capable to login in this system and also access classroom facilities of this system. This website developed by Google based website is an open source project, it is more popular and easily developed. In modern times it is very beneficial for users.

1.2 Motivation


In developed cuntries we believe that there is a demand for an online application system that there is no proper teaching system in Bangladesh for learning ICT course for class (vi-xii) and study materials within all over Bangladesh. Most of the teacher of ICT has no proper official background of ICT. Even, they can’t provide long time ICT learning service. Most of them take ICT course for one year.

Over the past few years the number of digital devices users like computers and smartphone user have become a lot more popular. And, if such system can be setup students can easily learn ICT course and we can easily help them with proper guideline which are available in our website.

1.3 Objective

  1. Posted by Teacher/students requirement materials.
  2. Guideline for class (vi-xii) students.
  3. Registration system.
  4. Add image for learning easily.
  5. Create Class Test and make result sheet.
  6. Specialist class teacher for every class.
  7. Facebook/Email Id.
  8. Teacher’s qualification.

1.4 Expected Outcome


The expected outcome from this proposed project will be:

By using this app anybody can find his/her study materials. The most important thing is if anybody wants to learn with entertainment, they have to check required lessons. In future, the app will automatically inform him.

How the app will inform?

The app can inform you by processing your own interest or can inform you also mobile application notification or can inform you also what you search in the web site randomly. Here I want to work with some algorithm. Which can inform you easily.

There will be one more interesting part also that is Class Test System. We can add our teachers in this measurement system. The system will take only two information from you that what is the time for class test and Answer. That’s it! My app will let you remind at the exact CT time.

There will be some more momentous option such as weekly study schedule task, monthly study schedule task etc. Hope the apps will like everyone. The apps will be so utile.


Chapter 2



2.1 Introduction

We already discuss that why we choose this project, we try to help. We believe that there is a demand for an online application system that there is no proper teaching system in Bangladesh for learning ICT course for class (vi-xii) and study materials within all over Bangladesh. Most of the teacher of ICT has no proper official background of ICT. Even, they can’t provide long time ICT learning service. Most of them take ICT course for one year.

Over the past few years the number of digital devices users like computers and smartphone user have become a lot more popular. And, if such system can be setup students can easily learn ICT course and we can easily help them with proper guideline which are available in our website Basically we think about all possible user and try to ensure the usability. In this chapter we discuss all tasks that we need to concern before taking a step ahead. Here we want to briefly discuss about all related works, Comparative Studies, The Scope of the Problem and Challenges.


2.2 Related Work

Already we told that there are some related work that we found there we defined some of them. GEE Bangladesh is a web application which is designed to support Students, it allows to

• SSC And HSC ICT Practice Class

• Academic Care

It is a web application which development by Biplob (East Nasirabad, Chittagong) and support provided by GEE IT [3].

Disadvantages of the existing app

  • It must be accessed through a web browser.
  • It cannot send push notifications to the user.
  • Basically it stands for IT Support.
  • Only restricted to IT Training
  • IT Lecture is not well Explained.
  • Security issue is not addressable.
  • No video Lecture for Students.
  • No NCTB book provided.

In our proposed application we provide as much as feature to user for helping Students and increasing efficiency our system.

It must be accessed through a web browser.

It cannot send push notifications to the user.

Security issue is main purpose so we add registration system.

Ensure usability that anyone from anywhere use our application easily.

Online Learning system facility is available.

So we say that our proposed object is really accurate for now-days and fulfill all possible facilities.

2.3 Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is the starter think about that decides if a proposed frameworks venture is in fact, fiscally, and operationally useful. Feasibility Study about is an examination utilized in estimating the capacity and probability to finish an undertaking effectively including every applicable factor. … Task supervisors utilize practicality concentrates to decide potential positive and negative results of an undertaking before contributing a lot of time and cash into it. It is likewise useful in perceiving potential income. Another critical object is that it enables organizers to canter around the task and limit the conceivable outcomes. As needs be, a plausibility study can give reasons not to seek after the said undertaking or proposition.

The consequence of practicality think about likewise decides if the answer for the issue ought to be executed.

There are four sorts of Feasibility Study:

  • Operational plausibility .
  • Specialized plausibility .
  • Financial plausibility .
  • Timetable plausibility .

An attainability study ought to furnish administration with enough data to choose:

• Whether the task should be possible

• Whether the last item will profit its proposed clients and association

• What are the choices among which an answer will be picked

• Is there a favoured option

We have checked every one of the conditions that are expressed above and gone to the choice that, it’s a hundred percent attainable task as well as a requesting one.

2.3.1: Technical feasibility study


Technical feasibility think about is the total investigation of the task as far as info, forms, yield, fields, projects and systems. It is an exceptionally powerful apparatus for long haul arranging and investigating. The specialized possibility study should most basically bolster the budgetary data of an association. It is characterizes as the attainability that is worried about determining hardware and programming that will effectively fulfil the client necessity. It compasses the specialized needs of the framework. Technical feasibility and Cost Analysis is performed to decide the potential monetary practicality of a procedure or innovation, and recognizes which advancements have the best probability of financial achievement. Results from innovation achievability examination endeavours give contribution to adjusted portfolio advancement and innovation approval designs. The financial aggressiveness of an innovation is surveyed by assessing its execution costs for a given procedure contrasted with the expenses acquired by current innovation.

When composing a practicality report, the accompanying ought to be taken to thought:

  • A brief portrayal of the business to assess more possible components which could impact the audit
  • The part of the business being investigated
  • The human and money related variable

To fulfil the essentials of this project , it requires great learning of web improvement. As we have enough learning on PHP and its structures, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and J Query, We were exceptionally certain to fulfil us and everybody.

2.3.2 Operational feasibility study

Operational feasibility is the proportion of how well a proposed framework tackles the issues, and exploits the open doors distinguished amid extension definition and how it fulfils the necessities recognized in the prerequisites investigation period of framework improvement. Operational feasibility is as imperative as specialized plausibility (or some other sort of achievability so far as that is concerned), but then it very well may be the primary thing to get brushed far from anyone’s regular field of vision. The discussion changes and that ‘insightful framework’ everybody was examining is changed once again into a negligible ‘thing’: a deliverable to drop into the association. We’ll discover later in the event that we can get it going; on the off chance that we can mesh it into offices and hearts as effectively as we can connect it to programming stages.

2.3.3Economical feasibility study


Economical feasibilitycould likewise be alluded to as cost/advantage examination. It is the most much of the time utilized technique for assessing the viability of another framework. In monetary investigation the technique is to decide the advantages and reserve funds that are normal from an applicant framework and contrast them and costs [7].The expert must gauge costs in every one of the accompanying zones:

  • People, including IT staff and clients
  • Hardware and gear
  • Software, incorporating into house improvement and also buys from     merchants.
  • Licenses and expenses.
  • Facility costs

Now, the anticipated expenses may be an unpleasant gauge. The correct expenses are not required to decide monetary plausibility. It is just required to decide whether it is possible that the venture expenses will fall inside the objective spending plan or quantifiable profit.

2.4 Scope of the Problem

We have already seen that some current application already help Students to gain ICT knowledge but those website do not give any facilities about Proper learning. We ensure it besides great issue that we approved account of any Student & they can get real knowledge, so this problem is solved by our project. After login any student doing any kind of lecture based work & can give Quiz immediately so that they can see their improvements easily. We try to our level best that Students get their expected feedback.

2.5 Challenges

There is no work exists without challenge. When we are going to collect data from different area we find some difficulties because we don’t know which developing platform is efficient. We are not able to find this so it’s bothering us too much. We competed it by Using Web Developing system. so we have to motivated Students and Inspire teachers to use our system and make understandable that our system is easy and better than others.

Chapter 3






3.1 Requirement Collection & Analysis



Our system is collected huge amount of data when any Student register in our system. We gathered data and thought about the data that we collected. Super Admin and admin can access the data and keep eye on the Teacher & Students that if they do any bad work they can easily find out.



3.1.1 For Super Admin

Super Admin can access admin, Teacher, Students information. Super Admin use this information to develop our system and create our website more useful.


3.1.2 For Admin


Admin can collect Teacher, Students information, current Students and all activities. We use this information to develop our system and create our website more useful.


3.1. For Teacher


The Teacher is most important user of the system. Super admin & Admin should login to the system to operate. None other than Super admin & Admin can access the full system. Only Super admin & admin will be able to edit, update, add and delete the data from this system and he will have the Teacher dashboard.


3.1.4 For Student


Student can registered him/her by registering process. Every student has different and a unique Id which provided by administrator. They can analysis information and approved the account for study material acess.





3.2 ER Diagram

Figure3.2: ER Diagram

An Entity Relationship (ER) Diagram is a kind of flowchart that represents how “substances, for example, individuals, items or ideas identify with one another inside a framework. ER Diagrams are regularly used to plan or investigate social databases in the fields of programming building, business data frameworks, training and research.




A definable thing—such as a person, object, concept or event—that can have data stored about it. Think of entities as nouns. Examples: a customer, student, car or product. Typically shown as a rectangle.

Figure 3.2a: Symbol of Entity





How elements follow up on one another or are related with one another. Consider connections verbs. For instance, the named understudy may enlist for a course. The two substances would be the understudy and the course, and the relationship delineated is the demonstration of selecting, interfacing the two elements in that way. Connections are ordinarily appeared as jewels or marks straightforwardly on the interfacing lines.

Figure3.2b: Some symbol of relationship





A property or characteristic of an entity. Often shown as an oval or circle.



Figure3.2c: Some symbol of attribute.



Now for our system the ER diagram given below



3.3: Use Case Modeling and Description




UML Use Case Diagrams can be utilized to depict the usefulness of a framework on a level plane. That is, as opposed to only speaking to the subtle elements of individual highlights of a framework, UCDs can be utilized to demonstrate the majority of its accessible usefulness. It is vital to note, however, that UCDs are on a very basic level unique in relation to grouping outlines or stream graphs since they don’t make any endeavor to speak to the request or number of times that the frameworks activities and sub activities ought to be executed [7]. The figures are appeared underneath for administrator, police, mortgage holder and inhabitant separately.


3.3.1 Use Case (Super Admin Part)

Figure3.3.1: Use case model for Super admin


3.3.2 Use Case (Admin Part)

Figure3.3.2: Use case model for admin


3.3.3 Use Case (Teacher Part)

Figure3.3.3: Use case model for Teacher


3.3.4 Use Case (Student Part)

Figure3.3.4: Use case model for Student


3.4 Logical Data Flow Diagram



As a matter of first importance we have presented about the whole image which we have use to draw the framework flowchart of the framework. The DFD clears up system essentials and recognizes genuine changes that will get the chance to be extends in structure layout. It is IPO Chart: Here we have select five distinct images to start five unique purposes.


 Input, Process, Output Chart

• This is the sign the DFD, there are Four symbols:

To draw the system flow chart of ICT learning platform & we will use these diagrams.



3.4.1  Data Flow Diagram

Fifure3.4: Data Flow Diagram


3.5 Design Requirements


Dashboard has been utilized to actualize the website pages of the proposed framework. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery additionally have been utilized to manufacture the website page. Here we present four diverse dashboard for our framework administrator, police, inhabitant, mortgage holder deferentially. Each dashboard has diverse assignment with various highlights which are planned premise of Bootstrap with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JQuery.

Chapter 4


In this chapter we will examine about procedure of the proposed data framework. A data framework (IS) is any composed framework for the gathering, association, stockpiling and correspondence of data. All the more particularly, it is the investigation of correlative systems that individuals and associations use to gather, channels, and process, make and disperse information. In this part we will quickly clarify about each capacity of our framework and will demonstrate the procedure how it functions. Here we will quickly clarify about every last capacity which we have incorporated into this project.

4.1 Front-end design


Our project front-end has planned by HTML,HTML, which remains for Hypertext Mark-Up Language, is the dialect for depicting organized records and the dialect used to make site pages in the Internet. CSS and Bootstrap system used .Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a template dialect utilized for depicting the introduction of a report written in a markup language . Bootstrap contains HTML-and CSS-based outline layouts for typography, frames, catches, route and other interface parts, and in addition discretionary JavaScript augmentations. A few cautions and intuitive assignments are created by JavaScript. Very nearly 35 pages of our undertaking have substance of front-end. Numerous highlights of a protest arranged dialect and Tools for outline UI are included as an undertaking need .

4.1.3 Fill the Form as Student

For affirming occupant and mortgage holder account we require a few police account. Police account made by administrator as it were. It’s the essential issue of our framework that the initial step to security reason.




Figure 4.6: After fill the form

4.1.1 Login

In Computer security, a login alludes to the accreditations required to acquire access to a PC framework or other confined zone. In this way, in this framework in other to gain admittance to the backend, the framework requires a client verification (login) for security purposes. The client will embed his username and secret word and afterward he will go for login. On the off chance that such client exist in the database the framework will give the client access to the framework, if not the framework will demonstrate a mistake message to the client. This implies he can’t approach the framework. The figure is appeared underneath in figure 4.1

D:1st log in.PNG

Figure 4.1: Login


Figure 4.2: Signup form




4.1.3 Fill the Form as Student



When student have to fill the register form this type of screen will be shown. Student have to wait until Cannot approved the account.




Figure 4.3: After fill the form




4.1.3 Fill the Form as Teacher

After login to the framework client discover this kind of screen for this they need to fill the shape as teacher .The circumstance appeared in figure below:

D:	eacher after login.PNG

Figure 4.4: After Login

D:	eacher.PNG

Figure 4.5: Registration Form

D:	eacher fill the from.PNG

Figure 4.6: After fill the form

4.1.4 Admin Account

Administrator is with everything taken into account of any framework. In our framework administrator account is made by administrator themselves and they can do anything what they need with advancement and dashboard also. Administrator can make their record to utilizing database.


4.2 Back-end Design


Our project back-end has planned by PHP,PHP is a server-side scripting dialect composed fundamentally for web improvement yet additionally utilized as a broadly useful programming dialect. MySQL database has utilized. Right around 45 pages of our undertaking have substance of back end implies push PHP. In our task 14 tables made to oversee information. There are some center tables, a few tables are transitory premise and client information contains by a few tables. PHP have a solid holding with SQL inquiry dialect parsing, every single consistent guidance made by PHP. Client session creation and decimate are overseen by PHP libraries. Information exchange between pages are utilized $_POST technique the vast majority of time. We are intrigued to specify some imperative errand done by PHP point to point.

• PHP makes session for clients and additionally approve client.

•       PHP have command over all information exchanging User end to Saver end.

• All Logical attestation created utilizing PHP code

• Loops, If-else and control explanation done by PHP

• Main calculation wrote in PHP

• Data exchange between pages utilizes $_POST technique for PHP

4.2.1: Super Admin Dashboard


Super Admin can see all reports, all record that is are affirmed or dropped, every one of the occupant list, all mortgage holder list, print numerous things that they require. Administrator can controlled entire framework.

D:New foldersupueradmin.PNG

D:New foldersuperadmin 1.PNG

Figure 4.7: Super Admin Dashboard.


4.2.2: Admin Dashboard

Admin can see all reports , all accounts of students, teachers.

D:New folderadmin 1.PNG

D:New folderadmin.PNG

Figure 4.8: Admin Dashboard.

4.2.3: Teacher Dashboard

Admin can see all reports , all accounts of students .

D:New folder	ecehr 2.PNG

D:New folder	eacher 1.PNG

Figure 4.9: Teacher Dashboard.

4.2.4: Student Dashboard

As a student  you login our system you can find out dashboard like below in Figure below:

C:UsersPritomDesktopproject picstudent deshboard.PNG

Figure 4.10: Student Dashboard.

4.3 Interaction Design and UX

Interaction design fundamental for any venture what is exceptionally an ideal administer between a framework and client. This is joined plan what will assist client with interacting with framework effortlessly. It encourages client to spare their chance. There have a few measurements of portrayal of a framework or programming to clients what will improve client encounter. For example, Button Labels, Images, Typography, Icons that guide in client connection.

4.4 Implementation of Requirements


We have to know two kinds of requirements . Such as:

  • Hardware requirement.
  • Software requirement.

Hardware Requirement:


One database server must be accessible to actualize the framework with following arrangement.

  •                   PC
  •                   1 server class mark PC facilitating MySQL
  •                   Database Server

Software Requirement:

Any PC working framework (least refresh 2007)

  •                   Wamp or xampp server [PHP, APACHE, MySQL] introduced
  •                   Laravel v5.2 introduced
  •                   Composer introduced
  •                   Any word processor can be utilized
  •                   Any program



All the work happens on the server. A particular application, called a web server, will be in charge of speaking with the program. A social database server stores whatever data the application requires. At long last, we require a dialect to specialist asks for between the web server and database server, it will likewise be utilized to perform automatic assignments on the data that comes to and from the web server. Obviously none of this is conceivable without a working framework. The web server, programming dialect, and database server we utilize must function admirably with the working framework.

There are many web servers out there in the market. To execute exam mechanization framework, it is financially savvy. It is brisk and intense. It might not have each chime and shriek accessible for a social database, yet for most clients there is bounty. WAMP or XAMPP server is mix of PHP, APACHE, and MYSQL server.

Chapter 5


5.1  Implementation of Database

For our Project database is a basic part. We know numerous database administration framework are utilizing around the world. We decide for our undertaking MySQL. MySQL is the world’s most well-known open source database. With its demonstrated execution, unwavering quality and usability, MySQL has turned into the main database decision for electronic applications. MySQL is an open-source social database administration framework (RDBMS).


All database related information’s are given shortly:

  • Database name: ictsms.sql
  • 22 tables and each table have multiple columns

We are demonstrating a figure 5.1 which will indicate table name with its motivation and a rundown of pages to which this tables has a place with.

Database usage incorporates the execution of the functionalities of every module and the usage of information reinforcement and reclamation. Here we will accentuation on presenting the usage of information reinforcement. Information reinforcement alludes to capacity of client information including records, database, application programs and so on for information recuperation. In this manner, it is basic to give information reinforcement and reclamation instrument to enhance framework security.

Here, in our database 22 tables and every table has multiple columns and every columns declared different attribute which are help to implement our system.

ewNew folderdatabase.PNG

Figure 5.1: Database.

5.2 Implementation of Front-end Design


Super Admin

We already see after login to the system Super admin dashboard (figure 4.7)and Super admin can see the list of Admin, Teacher and Students. Super admin can make admin, teacher & students. Super Admin can search as requirement of their necessary. Here given the all figure about the feature of Super admin. As an Super admin can see the current number of Teachers, current number of students, their activities and also check profile of All User.

superadmin 1

Figure 5.2: Super Admin Dashboard

superadmin 5

Figure 5.3: Activity Super Admin (1)



Figure 5.4: Activity Super Admin (2)

super admin seen sms

Figure 5.5: User Feedback (Received by Super Admin)

super admin subject update dlt

Figure 5.6: Update Subject


We already see after login to the system Admin dashboard (figure 4.8)and Admin can see the list of Teacher and Students. Admin can make teacher & students. Admin can search as requirement of their necessary. Here given the all figure about the feature of Admin. As an Admin can see the current number of Teachers, current number of students, their activities and also check profile of All User.


Figure 5.7: Admin Dashboard

admin ad subject and edit ,dlt

Figure 5.8: Subject maintenance by Admin


admin add book edlt and dlt

Figure 5.9: Book maintenance by Admin


admin add class,dlt and update

Figure 5.10: Class maintenance by Admin


admin add notice

Figure 5.11: Notice maintenance by Admin


admin add vdo,dlt and update

Figure 5.12: Video maintenance by Admin



We already see after login to the system Teacher dashboard (figure 4.9)and Teacher can see the list of Students. Teacher can add students & can search as requirement of their necessary & can take Quiz, post notice, provide lecture video & also can provide necessary learning materials. Here given the all figure about the feature of Teacher. As an Teacher can see the current number of students, their activities and also check Student profile

teacher 1

Figure 5.13: Teacher Dashboard


Figure 5.14: Teacher Activity

superadmin adding quiz

Figure 5.15: Adding Quiz by Teacher


superadmin question

Figure 5.16: Result making of Quiz

student reg,video, class

Figure 5.17: Teacher Observation role

C:UsersmahadAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsINetCacheContent.Wordsuper admin book update ,dlt,edit.png

Figure 5.18: Book Update system




We already see before registration to the system (figure 4.2) &login to the system (figure 4.1), after login to the system Student dashboard (figure 4.9)and Student can see notice board, lecture, videos, participate in Quiz. Here given the all figure about the feature of Students.

Screenshot (11)

Figure 5.19: Notice Board (For Student)


student pdf

Figure 5.20: Lecture pdf (For student)



student vdo

Figure 5.21: Lecture Video (For student)


5.3  Implementation of Interaction.


To build our system we have executed intuitive UI for better client encounter. As a rule we have utilized intelligent symbol as opposed to content connection or catch. The framework configuration planned with grouping of back to back strides to help individuals for comprehension.

Execution of Interactions is normal assignment for all improvement ventures. As our task is a web base undertaking such a large number of assets and client movement need to associate. Here we utilize database like MySQL. What’s more, our venture most extreme undertaking is identified with information. So every time server and customer imparting to each other’s. Information read, compose and adjustment, information getting all are progressing a significant number of the action. Information exchange between page to page additionally take places.

5.4 Testing Implementation


Testing is an arrangement of action that can be arranged ahead of time and led methodically . Designer of the product and an autonomous test amass conducts testing. In test implementation phase test manager ensures that all the pre-requisites are handled to start the test execution. Implementation is the process of putting an action for the formulated plan. Before we implement, the plan should have been completed and our objectives should be clear. So without testing those blunders can’t be recognized and after that rectified. In this manner framework testing is critical period of a framework advancement. Test implementation additionally incorporates robotization  scripting . Robotized test contents ought to be legitimately executed to guarantee great rate of profitability.

5.4.1 Test plan


A TEST PLAN is an archive portraying programming testing degree and exercises. It is the reason for formally testing any product/item in a venture. A report depicting the extension, approach, assets and calendar of proposed test exercises. It distinguishes among others test things, the highlights to be tried, the testing undertakings, who will do each assignment, level of analyzer autonomy, the test condition, the test outline procedures and passage and leave criteria to be utilized, and the reason for their choice , and any dangers requiring possibility arranging. It is a record of the test arranging process.


Test Plan Types :

Master Test Plan:

A single high-level test plan for a project/product that unifies all other test plans.

Testing Level Specific Test Plans:

  • Plans for each level of testing.
  • Unit Test Plan
  • Integration Test Plan
  • System Test Plan

Acceptance Test Plan

Testing Type Specific Test Plans: Plans for major types of testing like Performance Test Plan and Security Test Plan.





5.4.2 Unit Testing:


UNIT TESTING is a level of programming testing where singular units/parts of a product are tried. The reason for existing is to approve that every unit of the product executes as outlined. A unit is the littlest testable piece of any product. It more often than not has one or a couple of sources of info and normally a solitary yield. In procedural programming, a unit might be an individual program, work, method, and so forth. In protest situated programming, the littlest unit is a technique, which may have a place with a base/super class, theoretical class or determined/tyke class.

Distinctive tests are led as a feature of unit testing are as per the following:

• Interface testing

• Local information structure testing

• Error dealing with ways testing

• Boundary condition testing

• Independent ways testing

• Execution way testing

When we design our system  we had directed these tests every now and again.

5.4.3 System Testing


System Testing is a level of programming testing where an entire and incorporated programming is tried. The reason for this test is to assess the framework’s consistence with the predetermined prerequisitesThe way toward testing a coordinated framework to confirm that it meets determined prerequisites. System testing is performed with regards to a System Requirement Specification (SRS) or potentially a Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS). It is the last test to confirm that the item to be conveyed meets the particulars specified in the necessity archive. It ought to research both useful and non-useful prerequisites.

5.5 Test Result and Report



Results are the fundamental worry of our task. Above all else our undertaking is result arranged. Each task needs a yield thus. According to our testing knowledge we have discovered every normal outcome.

We admire required experiments as per improvement criteria. Distinctive experiments have made for a particular procedure and put away all experiment results as needs be to decipher all outcome. This will settle on choice with better level of exactness.

We have build  cycle astute and computerized testing to settle on better choice. When test results are deliverable, at that point it has been discharged. A test outcome ought to be assess as indicated by DOD (Definition of done) of particular piece of a venture.

Chapter 6



6.1 Discussion & Conclusion


Toward the finish of our task we can close on the note that the present world is inadequate without the nearness of data framework. In each field and each part of any business or non-business association we will locate the outrageous utilization of data framework. Our task was to illuminate the way that how simple and fast can be a work procedure using data framework. We have outlined the data framework for Students they can see address, video and others ponder material.

6.2 Scope for Further Development


We try our level best that we fulfil the requirement that we proposed. We can converted our system is an android application in future, because nowadays smart phone is available to everyone.

• We can use IOT.

• We can arrange ICT fair for improving student brain capability for creativity.

• Could also allow International business to push deals/coupons within a certain geographic area.

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