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Benefits of Open Source Servers

The highest aim of the thesis is to consult the open source servers and knowing out their benefits in business industry. Owing to the extensive development of technology, it is high time to consider the best to be done to sustain and improve the businesses. The primary aim of a business person is not just bringing revenue for him/herself, but to look at long-term growth, one has to focus on achieving customers needs, being able to resolve issues in a sophisticated manner and keep the technology used in the business premises to be updated. The commanding tools are near to authority and privation. The only for database management systems (DBMS’s), there seems to be good market as of the open source products are used in organization, that includes business’critical analysis models such as online travel booking, management of client inventories for telecommunications, etc. (Yuhanna, 2006) ( Christian Thomsen and Torben Bach Pedersen,2009).Business can be of small scale or medium scale or large scale. Irrespective of the type of business, computing system can play a vital role in business, though the type and intensity of computing system technology required and used may vary. As the business grow, the demand for the technology also rise which leaves a platform for the computing system to play a lead role. Increase in the size of the industry needs more manpower and more hours of labour. This increased labour cost can be kept in control by adapting modern technologies in business world. This literature review should enable us to understand the importance of the open source servers and its importance in today’s business world.


An open source server is described as a system where we can find a large number of computers and their suitable applications, their associated applications with normal database. Open source servers play an important position in business. The early development of open source servers is called as the Grid system. As the technological improvement in information technology is increasing, there should be kept more focus on information systems and the websites. As the term web had achieved the standard area where the developers are tested, while information system is being developing by the help of service-oriented architectures (SOA). The improvement is expandable, which makes hard to executive the limitations between the enterprise management services and internet services. These developed techniques can be able to visible to the organizations to bring out their business online.

Business can be of can be handled by single or with multiple members or clients as we can spell them as partnerships method. In this type of methods, the private business processes can be displayed or captured by the partners via public composite web applications. This helps the new business partners to receive some guidance on how to handle the work and also provide solutions for any technical troubles such as security and application conception.As we know that the top organizations just like Apple,IBM, and Microsoft got the direct proportion between the innovations and the stability of the firm. And such ideas had been supported by the American government owing to the demands for the developments in technology. Depending on the demands of the businesses, the website providers can either increase or reduce the capacity in information systems. Most of the open source applications are developed jointly by developers all around the world, connected by the Internet, as this is the advanced and well applicable technology which can help clients manage their costs. This technology is useful for business’s which uses multiple servers.

Open for Today’s Companies Source: A Strategic Technology Approach

These are the offers that had been visible for an open source server or software in order to transfer companies and their developers. Since from the last decade of time, most of its values had being created at the level of implementing the application to databases, application servers, operating systems, development tools, and so many etc. As it might be luring to imagine that an open source server is really just about doing the source code letting available for explore. If we drop code into a public locality and do wish to move the advancement on the private copy in the interior of our organization, as we are not done with the open source servers at this particular instant time. As on if we are running a authority access module or just giving the extra information as a documentation work. In order to develop or make advance of an exact leveling of trust or the belief, the one the code which we had written as there must be the exact module or the access the code out that there must be the original access code that the advancing developers are working on it on. We might be knowing that various modules have being cleared out while the access code is being checked for confirming that it works on, other than but it must be a genuine on a module-by-module based not on the entire access base. As of we rectified, in business that as the loads of the file capacity goes more or get larger, then a better implementations techniques of technology had to be insured to get in to this competition world. The one such type of technology is the ‘Digital Technology’, where most of the business uses are in their daily life. As the business is expanding, then the demand to maintain it increases as well. And these demands are quite strong and need to be met in a smart way to survive in this economic world. Apart from just the technology there is lot more need to be involved in it. By utilising the latest computing technology, one can not only make the infrastructure look better, but they also will succeed in providing best customer service. The business process can be made more efficient and effective and by doing all above, they can easily bag better business deals and improve the incoming revenue. According to Bartlette (2000) in his study highlighted the crisis which the information technology industry has faced due to the computing problem is intense.

The computers failed to calculate accurately the year 2000 being a historic two-digit programming and this can explain how important are computers in daily life for an individual and as well as a business set-up. A tremendous improvement in Information technology and various developments that are happening in engineering related topics may can’t develops or improve the business. Best customer service, efficient and flexible methods and delivery in short span are the key success in business. Business renovation (BR) and continuous process improvement with suitable information technology strategies are key areas to be focused while improving the business. Information Technology is playing a major role in business by creating innovative ideas and implementing new procedures. Business is a complex phenomenon with extreme risks in this computing economic world. Taking right decisions at right times is outmost important in business development by the management. Business can be defined as individual thoughts which are put in to practice by following the ethics while aiming towards economic-financial purposefulness. A business when improving from small to medium or to large demands increased in material, man power and financial resources. Among the above mentioned, human resource plays a vital role in business as it controls the technology. A group of technologies combined to form social computing which is new evolution of the web. Social computing plays immense role in the business world which has the capability to impact the society technologically and economically. The computer systems are no less efficient than the human body. Autonomic computing is defined as the discipline which intends to learn from the bodily operating system. The computer technology is equally efficient and complicated as well as fragile as the human body and is compared to the autonomic nervous system in the humans which controls the involuntary human physiological activities. This concept of autonomic computing originated in the year 2001 from IBM (Cooter and Max, 2010). Stockinger(2006), in his short study on grid computing system revealed, it plays a key role in solving scientific, technical or business problems which might demand multiple computer processing cycles while working on large amount of data. Grid Computing is a unified pattern of computer resources from multiple administrative domains aiming for a common goal. Supporting Stockinger(2006), Liang-Jie et al (2004) mentioned the underused capacity of the computers has been taken utilised in grid computing technology to solve business problems and they indirectly provide additional support to the IT-level infrastructure to support business applications. By using grid computing technology the vendor has complete control and depending on his/her requirement he can upgrade and maintains the application. Hence it is very well understood, grid computing system supports the business big time.

Benefits and Risks of Open Source Software Compared to Traditional


The instant release rate of OSS assigns attaches and fixes quickly, possibly an order of magnitude quicker than those of commercial applications. Open Source applications is approximately easy to fix it because it frequently incorporates aspects such as central administration and distinct management. Because the access code is publicly available, Program Managers can have the access confirmed to meet their specific needs and tightly authority system resources. Moreover, Program Managers can re-use code written by others for familiar operations or ambitions.


In this study, it is proved that the use of open source servers had a great impact on the business related ones. And almost every business irrespective of its size tends to have their own required level of using the open source servers in their area of specification of the systems that are embedded in their business models. The larger the size of the business, the more efficient the use of the open source servers technology is going to implemented in that.So finally we can conclude that by the usage of the open source servers in the business , it provides a quality of refinement, that it provides to work at and also provides customers the best of the service in the industry of all their best. It is also proved that by using of this open source servers can minutes the unnecessary cost by using it when required. To that conclude, that open source servers of a system has a huge impact on business and yields totally positive results.


The following is a brief examination or a study mainly that focus on the importance of the usage of open source servers in Business it has been identified where computing system stands in modern industrialized world. For a business to grow, one needs man power, good products, excellent marketing system etc.  But out of the all above mentioned, it is also important to have the recent technology being used in the business firms.  Using latest technology makes business easier in many ways.  Computing system plays a major role in present generation.  the more sophisticated is the technology the better the yield would be in business.  The above mentioned statement had been proved in this study.  After careful analysation of the selected articles, one should understand the necessity for the use of computing system in business.  Irrespective of a small scale or medium scale or a large scale industry, implementing computing systems in business can certainly yield better results, which was proved in this study. As the business improves and grows up the ladder, one cannot be technically or technologically challenged, instead should try and win the race by acquainting to the recent and evolving computing technology.

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