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Barriers to Communication in Care Work

Barriers to communication

A number of reasons can affect a person’s skills to communicate effectively. These factors are occasionally known as barriers to communication because they prevent or interfere with a person’s ability to send, receive or understand a message. A communication barrier is also something that upsets or stops the message being caught on. In the environment in which communication takes place can affect or can act as a barrier in effective communication e.g. setting, noise levels, seating arrangements, lighting, space and time.

A barrier leads to interruption of the flow and also leads to miscommunication so it may be difficult to understand what one is saying. A barrier also disrupts and stops the messages being understood. This can make a service user and carer feel agitated. However communication helps create trusting relationships and makes sure information is passed and understood correctly. A solution to this is adapting to the environment. This can be done in many ways like improving the lighting so that it’s not too bright or too dull and also, reducing the noise level to a minimal level to help those with hearing difficulties. Also, desks in receptions can be lowered down so that it is easy for people with disabilities and that they don’t have any difficulties interacting with the social user. It is important that the service user can access the correct information needed from the social user so that they know what being said.

A carer should ensure that if service user is worried they should comfort them to make them feel better; the carer should also make sure that they are clear so that the service user can easily understand the message. A barrier can lead a message to become misunderstood and therefore this can lead the service user to confusion and misunderstanding.


Andy is a care worker and he isn’t paying attention to what the service user Sam is saying, therefore he will struggle to know what the service user is trying to say if she is wanting to do anything particular today. This will make the service user upset because they are not getting the service which they are paying for and also they will be upset because their day wasn’t planned according to them. This shows that he doesn’t care or isn’t very empathetic towards his service user and the service user will feel undervalued and feel as though there isn’t anyone there to listen to him.

Mr Smith is a nursery teacher who works in a nursery and he finds the nursery environment very loud and noisy. He feels that this affects the level of communication between himself and the nursery children as he thinks that the children are not able to hear him or understand what he is saying. This could be a major issue as it could result in children not hearing important instructions and, therefore the nursery environment could be classed as unsafe as the children will not have heard the right instructions.

Physical barrier

Physical barriers still come in between us such as doors, walls and excessive noise. Anything inside the physical world that stands between you and effective communication is a physical barrier. Environment obstacles can be big measure, reduce or even prevent the sending and receiving of messages. Such difficulties might be as a result of distance, distracting sounds, and disruption of communications or elimination of a passage.

A physical barrier is a physical interruption in the environment and steady conditions that limit communication in sending messages from the sender to the receiver. Organisation, condition or inside work space plan issues, mechanical issues and noise are all parts of physical barriers. Physical barriers like doors, distance walls, don’t let the communication flow or become effective.

Language is also a physical barrier. If a person speaks slang then it may be difficult for the other person to understand, and if the person does not speak clearly this could then create misunderstanding and the person can get incorrect information and can also feel unwanted. However, to overcome this barrier a person must speak clearly, fluently and loud so that it is easy for the service user to understand and it is important for the social worker to use simple language for the service user’s ease of understanding. Also, a language barrier can lead to communication issues, misconceptions and misinterpretations between individuals.

In a health care setting, service users may find it difficult to walk. Therefore, to make it easy for them, one should install lifts with voice giving information so that there is no difficulties in opening and closing the door which can make it easy for the service users. Also, they should add signs on the walls for ease of understanding so that they can understand where they are going.


Tiredness is when you have reduced energy and this causes a physical or mental exhaustion lack of motivation and this can negatively affect the performance and there can be many reasons why people can be tired, a person can be tired due to psychology and physical reasons and this is treated by focussing on the underlying cause.

Tiredness is a physical barrier that causes disturbance, because if the care worker is tired when they are at work then the service users may get the idea that the care workers are not interested in them or they may not do their job very efficiently this shows the service user inside a care home might believe they are not interested in them. This can be a barrier to communication because if a care worker is tired they may get the information wrong and are not paying attention they may be drowsy and lazy which shoes they might not be willing to put that much effort in their response. This is a barrier to communication because if a care worker is tired then they could misinterpret what the service user is saying to them and therefore do their job incorrectly. However if a care worker shows that they are alert and observant, this shows a positive manner whist dealing with service users and this will benefit the care worker and the service user because it shows that the care worker is aware of what is going on and is able to find out the correct details about the service user.


James is a service user and has a high temperature as he steps in to the doctor’s room the blinds were closed and the room looked dull and the doctor was not paying attention to what the service user was saying and was yawning away showing lack of interest, he didn’t give them adequate response this made service user quite upset as they didn’t get as much importance as they shows that James no longer wants to share his feelings or issues to the doctor. James could see that the doctor was not interested through their body language and the tone voice the doctor was speaking in.

Anna is a carer who works in a care home and has been having some medical issues, he feels that if he lets the care worker know about this, then he may be able to help him out and therefore approaches the care worker. However, the care worker does not pay much attention to what the service user is saying and begins to look around and on the floor while the service user is talking to him. With this, the service user will feel unvalued and as though there isn’t anyone there to listen to what he has to say to him. This might make him unhappy and feel negative about the problems he is facing.


Aggression is shown when a person is angry. Anger effects many ways your brain processes information.

Aggression is when a person is being verbally abusive or physically assaulting another person or may have an aggressive nature. It also involves aggressive behaviour towards the other person. Aggression is an essential risk such as a verbal abuse or physical attack of a representative to other individuals. There is a high level of violence and aggression under-reported within the health and social care setting, as many believe it is part of their job. This builds negative relationship between the care worker and the service user, and at times it can make the service user upset because they are not able to confess their feelings which can make them feel lonely and isolated.

If a care worker is aggressive then this is very unacceptable because the service user can be assaulted and harmed. Physical power can cause harm or injury to a person due to one being very aggressive. This kind of behaviour is very inappropriate because they are not managing their job properly. One should make sure that the social worker is doing their duty in the correct manner with no violence being involved. The person should also make sure before sending their elderly mother to a care home, they should ensure that the care worker manages the risk of violence correctly and they respond appropriately with a nice tone. If the care worker uses violence and aggression then there is a risk of hazard that the service user can be harmed and injured. In this case it is extremely important that the care worker has the correct behaviour with the service user to ensure that they don’t make negative suspicions based on culture, religion or origin. However a good care worker should make sure that they treat the service users with respect and kindness by trying to support and reassure the person that they don’t want to harm them. They should also try their best to help them to the best of their ability by showing hospitality towards them and building a positive relationship between them.


Tom is a care worker and is showing a lot of aggression towards Amy the service user this is very upsetting because the service user very vulnerable and Amy is not liking the way she is being treated by the carer. As Tom gets Amy dressed he is being very harsh on her, this shows he is not doing his duty properly because carers should be gentle and comforting the service user to make them feel comfortable.

Kylie is a carer who is very violent and aggressive towards Rebeca the service user. When she gives Rebeca a bath she uses high tone and gives her abrupt instructions and when she puts shampoo on her she is not being very calm towards her, Rebeca doesn’t like this and is upset the way she is being treated. A carers duty is to make sure they treat the service users in a calm professional manner and should give them time also they shouldn’t act hastily because this could result in the service user panicking.

Hearing impairments

Hearing impairment is when a person may be deaf and lose their ability to hear or may have difficulty hearing. This is a main barrier to communication for individuals who are having problems with hearing impaired which is the lack of communication by others. These patients can face unnecessary illnesses because of insufficient communication with their care workers. It is essential that service users with hearing impairments are given the right care and treatment. Care workers who take care of them should have the correct training to deal with the service users who have hearing impairment. For, example they should know how to communicate using sign language to ensure that the service users understand them thoroughly.

If a person with a hearing impairment finds it difficult to communicate then the care worker should show respect and be supportive, they should also take it to consideration to tell the service users that they care for them and show them that they provide the right care that should be given. The care worker should also be patient with the person who has hearing impairments so that the service user can share their needs to them. The care worker should also give service users whatever time he/ she needs to get his/her point across to actually reply or respond to the message. The care worker should always be clear and specific when speaking to the service user, and they should rephrase the sentence if necessary. It is extremely important for the social workers to make sure that they have been understood by the service users.


Steve has an hearing impairment and he keeps asking the receptionist for an appointment because he is  deaf it is difficult for him to hear so he keeps asking the same question and because of this the receptionist gets very frustrated because she has to keep repeating herself and this shows there is lack of communication and difficulty transferring information.

Jenna has difficulties speaking to her doctor because she has a slurred speech and as a result of this she is unable to communicate with her doctor so she cannot describe her problems to the doctor and the doctor is not able to understand what she is trying to say. As Jenna is not able to talk properly, the doctor finds it difficult to understand what she is trying to say as the service user is not communicating effectively and therefore the doctor will not be able to help her fully.

Intellectual barriers

Accessibility for those with intellectual disabilities as usually related to communication difficulties. It is very hard to communicate with patients who have intellectual impairments. Those who have this kind of disability are mostly affected through speech, sight or hearing and these people are more likely to have communication difficulties and their life expectancy remains lower than normal peoples.

The sort of changes required by an individual patient with intellectual disabilities are not generally identified, supported or understood by care workers. There is a lack of effective organisations for classifying the patient’s weakness and additionally the service user’s requirement for acclimation to the conveyance of care and treatment, and lack of clear lines of responsibility implementing reasonably accustomed to individuals care.

To bring a positive changes to the environment a care workers should try their best to help the service users by showing good care and trying their greatest ability to maintain a good relationship with the service user to ensure the service user is comfortable and is not hesitant in expressing themselves so that it is easy for the care workers to help support individuals to obtain the care they need.  A care worker should use plain language and speak in short sentences so that it is easy for the service to understand.

Care workers should treat people with intellectual disability in the correct polite manner ensuring they don’t get offended of the language spoken by the carer. A person with intellectual or developmental disabilities may have complications doing many things. These disabilities can moderately or completely reduce one’s strength to learn.  A care worker could notice this through many ways for instance the way the person acts, interrogates or uses body language, so it is important that the care worker knows the person has a disability so that they can make sure they speaks clearly with the service user showing that you care and respect their health issue.

Patronising language

Patronising language is either used in care homes, hospitals or towards older people. This type of language is often used in care homes in terms of how the care workers treat or speak to their patients. Patronising language must be unacceptable as it could lead to most sexist or racist expressions which could stress the service user and make them feel very unwanted. To avoid this kind of language it is extremely significant for care workers to meet the service user’s requirements with dignity and respect.

Care workers can often talk to someone in a negative or derogatory manner putting them down at times, care workers may say really mean and nasty things to the service users which they may not like and they can show this in a way suggesting they are a burden, annoyance and nuisance. This can then make the service user feel miserable knowing they are a burden to the care workers which can then put them in a lot of misery and doubt. At times care workers get very aggressive and start to use irrelevant language by saying they are ‘trouble makers’ when they start to complain. However to create a positive environment care workers should provide the right care which reflects to the person’s language and cultural backgrounds in order to value their identity and handle their dignity. Care workers should make sure they do their jobs properly to help fulfil service users’ needs to their high ability to ensure they get the correct care they need. It is extremely essential for care home assistants to be observed when working with older people so that they are fully trained and aware of how to treat the service users in the correct manner.


Adam works in a care home and uses very inconsiderate language he makes very pointless remarks toward Jenna the service user this makes her feel very hesitant because she is not able to express her feelings to Adam this also makes her feel very patronising as he makes the service user feel even more vulnerable this makes Jenna feels very fearful and uncomfortable with the Adam who is not treating her in the correct manner, this shows he is not doing his job correctly. This can make Jenna feel neglected as she is not being treated very well by Adam.

James is a carer who always makes inappropriate, racist comments towards his service user who is an elderly women. Due to this, his carer often feels very hesitant around him and is not comfortable in sharing her feelings with him. Sometimes James gets very aggressive and talks about irrelevant topics that makes the service user feel uncared for. This type of behaviour can often make service user feel afraid and because of this they may not be able to share their problems with them.

Inappropriate use of language

Inappropriate language is used to offend people through many ways such as making sexual comments, making inappropriate innuendoes, mocking or swearing at someone and making negative comments on one culture/beliefs. Inappropriate language can prevent people from communicating effectively. Inappropriate language can also involve actions especially in health care setting, this type of disrespectful language can be very abusive, and this could be a form of bullying or harassment and this could also be one of the reasons for a person’s distress or sorrow.

A care worker may use inappropriate language such as swearing when they are annoyed and vexed at the service users this can make the service user upset and gives a bad impression of the carer and shows they are not correctly committed to their work. Every service user has the privilege to expect that they will be treated with dignity and respect and their wellbeing and security must be ensured by the care workers. It is very unacceptable for care workers to be “Yelling and swearing” at the service users as this may lead to service users being offended. This also displays inappropriate behaviour. It is extremely important for care workers to behave in the correct manner when interacting and handling the service users, carers need to conduct themselves in a positive manner and should talk to them in a soft gentle tone so that the service users feel comfortable and they are able to express their feelings openly.


Emma is a service user who was asking Jane her carer to give her water but Jane refused to give her water in a very abrupt manner. Emma does not like the way her carer is talking to her. Emma feels very unhappy because she isn’t being treated in a good way and is unable to share her feelings to anyone. This also shows Jane was talking to Emma in a negative way rather than a polite. This can often make service users upset and lonely because they don’t know who to share their problems or feelings to.

Aiden the carer was being aggressive and using negative language towards James the service user, as the Aiden is getting the service user dressed the he is being very harsh on him and making irrelevant remarks and using unnecessary hand gestures for example when James was not listening to Aiden. Aiden decided to pinch him and make offensive comments at him. This made the service user feel very uncomfortable as he was in pain after the care worker pinched him. This shows Aiden was not managing his job correctly.

Loading own experience.

This is a barrier because no one wants to be spoken to in a bad manner, for example, being spoken to in a nasty tone, resulting in one feeling intimidated. It is when a person takes their anger out on someone else even though it is not their fault, and this can make the person feel unworthy.

Loading own experience means care workers taking anger out on the service users due to their own personal problems or issues. It is essential that care workers personal issues do not become a barrier in allowing them to deliver the highest level of care to their service users. Care workers must ensure that they do not take their anger and frustration out on the service users. It is necessary that care workers do not discuss or burden the service users with their own personal problems as this can cause them to worry about something that is not relevant to them as it could lead to them facing unnecessary stress.

It is important for care workers to show their love and care towards service users, carers should show affection so that service users feel carers understand them and are always there for them. Cares should ensure that the service users don’t feel their emotions are a burden, carers should try to solve their problems in any ways so that service users feel relieved and happy. If carers show shout at service users for other reasons then they may feel cares don’t care for them or want to listen to them this can make them feel upset because they can’t share their feelings with anyone. It is important that care workers work load is not reflected in the workplace, they should leave their personal relationships at home.



Anna is a care worker and has recently been facing family problems this has caused her to become very stressed and she has been arriving late to work also not been focusing on her job properly and this has been noticed by the service users. The service users feel she is not giving time to service users to share their feelings they also feel she is ignoring them and being very disrespectful which can make the service user feel that Anna is not taking her job considerately.

Angelina is a care worker and is having a lot of personal issues and she doesn’t know who to share her problems with. She feels very helpless and stressed because she has to put her personal issues on a side when she is doing her job. This is because service user may feel they are not getting much attention that they should be getting and can make them feel very lonely and may not be able to express their true feelings to her. Angelina should try to share her feeling towards another carer who may be able to understand and comfort her to make her feel better.

Emotional barriers.

Emotional barriers can often block communication skills and prevent a person from openly communicating with other individuals. A lack of emotional awareness or control will often result in emotional barriers. Emotional barriers are psychological walls which support you from openly communicating your thoughts and feelings to others. They prevent you from being yourself and living your life. Individuals with emotional barriers tend to be exceptionally peaceful, cautious, and insecure.

Any individual who isn’t in a good mood is probably likely to talk less or talk negative. A distracted personality is not good at communicating. For instance, when a person is annoyed, he/she might say things which are irrelevant. An angry person might easily confuse or misinterpret the message. Various other emotions like anxiety, nervousness, confusion and jealousy can affect communication process. For example, an individual having extreme moods or for instance a person with sad mood will cry and may get furious at irrelevant situations. But a person with a happy mood will laugh and joke. Displaying extreme behaviours however can be an issue. If a person is extremely upset or angry then they can project their anger on those around them e.g. the carer becoming angry or frustrated on the service user over minor issue due to anger or resentment they feel towards another person or situation.

A care worker should try to understand the service user’s emotions so that they are aware of how the service users are feeling depending on their mood. If the service user is upset then the carer should try to cheer them up a bit to make them feel better and relieved after discussing their problems with the carer. However if the service user is happy then carers could join in and ask them why they are happy as this can make the service user feel more content because they may be able to express themselves more openly.


At times distress can make a person feel very miserable and can lead to a person having less sleep which can result in insomnia. People who are depressed often experience many negative thoughts and feelings which results in the inability to cope with daily life and everyday tasks.

Distress can cause and impact a person to be isolated and this can lead to them blocking out communications. Depression and distress can lead to negative emotions toward friends and family, and it may also lead to irritating and sarcastic comments. If a person is distressed they may feel a lot of negativity in them which can either last for a long or short time. If the person opens themselves to communication/ medical support they may be able to recover quicker.

If a service user is distressed then their communication style is most likely change when they are stressed, for example the right words may not come to mind easily. A care worker should make sure that the service users are not distressed as this makes the service users uncomfortable and hesitant. The carers should ensure that they are calm and speak in a soft tone so that the service users are able to express themselves and that they don’t panic.


Simon has gone to meet the doctor and feels very stressed and isolated. Simon would like some support advice and medication to help him recover from his anxiety. He feels that because of this distress he is unable to concentrate and share his feelings towards the doctor. The doctor should ensure if his patient is upset or worried so that they can help them recover quickly.

Dina is very distressed so the doctor advices he to relax and behave in a calm manner and to listen to the doctor patiently the doctor asks Dina to share her problems and worries and to not hesitate when speaking so that the doctor can understand her worries and issues she has. It is necessary for doctors to deal with emotional condition to understand what they are wanting and what their issue is.


Social barriers.

Social barriers are the factors that prevent an individual in gaining easy access to health and socialcare services, possibly due to them not being aware of what is available to them. There are many social factors, which include financial and geographical factors etc.

In social barriers there are many ways which communication is affected. In social barriers it is the society which can interrupt the communication; this can also lead to effective and ineffective communication.

Financial barriers relate to the cost of the health and social care services people are trying to access. Patients who are required to pay for the medical services they use such as medicines and prescriptions, may not be able to afford the medicine they need and therefore don’t receive suitable care. Geographical barriers are related to the distance an individual has to travel to access services. Some service users suffer from mobility problems due to which they cannot walk to health and social care services and may miss appointments. Cultural and language issues are also a social barrier that affects the level of care a person receives. For example, if a person sees information about a certain service in English but English is not their first language, then they may not understand the services available to them.


If a person does not to listen or focus to what is being said then they may miss out important information, and this may cause further problems for the service user or care worker, as for example, the service user may be talking about a medical issue, and if this does get ignored due to the care worker not paying attention, then this is classed as a serious issue. This can be a barrier to communication because if a care worker is tired they may get the information wrong.

If a care worker shows that they are bored and not interested then this could make the service user feel very annoyed because it shows that the carer is not interested and does not want to listen. Furthermore, the service user may feel alone and as though there isn’t anyone there to share his/ her problems to, and this could also make them very unhappy with the situation. A carer could show that they are bored  through their body language and gestures showing that they are finding the person very unpleasant  for example the may be fidgeting trying to console themselves and making  themselves feel better a service user could notice this through their approach and willingness showing how interested they are. A carer may be feeling very bored and tired and may not listen to a word the service user is saying this can make the service user feel unwanted because it shows them that they are not interested in the conversation because the postures and signs can show everything of how they are feeling. It is essential for carers to show the service users that they are interested and is concerned for them as this can give the service user a chance to open up and can talk about their feelings more openly with the carer. If the care worker shows their concern for service users then service users can feel they are being valued.


Denial is a doctor and is fidgeting a lot because he is getting bored and this is getting quite distracting for the service user because he is unable to explain himself and is finding the doctor annoying because the doctor keeps and clicking his pen which makes the service user distracted and is not able to express himself. This shows that the doctor is showing lack of respect to the service user. It also shows that the doctor is not interested in his problem. This leads to ineffective communication because the doctor is showing lack of interest which shows he is not bothered/ interested in the conversation.

Doris is a care worker and is not paying any attention to what the service user Sam is saying the care worker is getting bored and is not listening to Sam. This is making it quite obvious to Sam that Doris is not listening or paying attention to the service user is trying to say. This is making the service user feel quite offended and neglected as the carer is not showing any interest towards him. The carer shows Sam a bad impression of himself.  However to overcome this it is important that a carer shows their full attention this is through being prepared, showing that they are engaged and focused on what is being said and that the service users’ needs are met to the high of their ability.

Difference in language spoken.

A spoken language is usually a language performed by well-spoken sounds, instead of a written language. Many languages have no written form therefore are only expressed. An oral language or articulate language is often a language produced together with the vocal section, rather than a sign language, which is produced with the hands and face. Difference in language often requires patience and understanding skills.

If the service user can’t understand the care worker because they speak different languages or struggling to understand one another then the carer should use hand gestures and actions to make it easier for the service user to understand. This helps the service user get a bit more understanding. If the service user is still not able to understand then they should have an advocate or interpreter present to help translate what is being said also to make it easier for them to communicate. If they are struggling to communicate with the care then it is the carer’s job to rephrase or repeat the sentence again. The carers should not raise their voice at the service user instead they should talk in a clear and calm tone rather than a loud as this can result in the service getting stressed. It is necessary for care workers to handle their job in the right way for instance they should remain patient with service user who has the difficulty in language. A carer should also repeat themselves when needed to ensure that no important information is missed due to the language spoken.

Care workers should make sure that they use simple plain language. It is essential that care workers get in the habit of using plain language whenever possible. If the care workers use complicated  words to look more intelligent at their job,  then this is not helping or doing anyone a favour instead it makes it difficult for service users to understand hard words which can makes it difficult for service users to understand what one is trying to say and it can more likely create miscommunication. Care workers should also try to repeat themselves when it is needed to ensure that clear information is given and no information is missed due to language difficulties. Language barriers, can require understanding, patience, and conscientiousness. Care workers should ensure that when they are struggling to communicate they should never raise voices at the service users, instead they should talk clearly in a calm voice rather than a high voice so that the service users doesn’t panic.


Jacqueline is a receptionist in the hospital and when the service user comes she uses quite advanced words and vocabulary which is very difficult for the service user to understand this makes the communication very difficult for the service user as they have no idea of what is being said. This also confuses the service user because they don’t really understand the language being spoken by Jacqueline. At this moment of time Jacqueline should call an interpreter so that they can translate what is being said so that no important information is missed out.

The doctor in the hospital uses quite intense language whilst talking to the service user this makes it hard for the patient to understand as they struggle to know what the doctor is on about; therefore the doctor should use more simple terms to make it easier for the patient to understand. Language which is hard for service users to understand can make service user feel worried because they don’t know how to communicate and negotiate with them. A language can be a great big issue for service users as they are not able to reply back to the conversation. This can then lead to ineffective communication because the doctor can then insert the wrong information based on the service user.


Environmental barrier.

Barriers to communication can usually be overcome, or are at least reduced, by making changes to the environment, by developing the way one approaches the other person or through the use of electronic aids to overcome communication difficulties. Environmental barriers to communication are anything that hinders or prevents effective communication inside the environment nearby you. This may be a number of possessions including noise and time.

Environmental Barriers usually reduce or prevent a person having a disability from fully participating in social, professional and contesting activities.  Example for a wheelchair-user, significant barriers may consist of stairs, small doorways, heavy doors, or sharp counter tops. Not all barriers to communication are caused by other people. There are a number of environmental factors affecting the effective communication process. Messages may well be blocked by environmental factors, such as the physical setting or the situations where communication happens.

A care worker should ensure that they push a wheel chair user in open space and keep them away from sharp objects and remove any clutter from the floor so it is easier for the service user to move around without any hindrance. If the service user requires a wheel chair the doorways should be very wide for them to pass through also the bathrooms should have handles and support bars to make it easier to access if these accessibilities are not provided then it makes it difficult for the service users day to day life. Their accommodations should be away from busy roads and places so that they don’t get disturbed by noise.

Noisy environment.

If it is very noisy it is harder to transmit flow of information. Communication relating to interruption could have an effect on the sender and the information itself. Noise can create a number of problems for a person from discomfort, distress and annoyance. Noise can lead to a lot of disturbance and interference and this can prevent someone from mishearing what is being said. This may cause a person to confuse and misunderstand the communication. This can cause strain and anxiety, which in themselves are in addition barriers to effective communication.

Noise can be a communication barrier because if one is trying to have a communication with someone in a noisy environment such as a building site then tis can lead to miscommunication because the other person may not be able to hear you over the noise created by the construction work in the background. This can prevent the person hearing clear and effective communication which can result in a person misinterpreting or mishearing information. This would prevent clear and effective communication and might result in you to miss very important information.

It is important that the noise level in a care home is at a minimum level because if the room is too noisy then the service user might not be able to get the correct information needed and they may not be able to hear what the care worker is trying to say so this may lead to the care worker putting wrong data or information about the service user.


Marv is in a hospital and is waiting to be called by the doctor as he waits in the waiting room he is not happy with the health care setting this is because other people around him are making lots of noises such as phones ringing, babies crying and people talking. This makes Marv feel uncomfortable and he feels uneasiness because of the distraction taking place at that particular time. To overcome this Marv should ask a worker or an assistant to come and resolve the issue taking place.  The worker in the hospital should tell the other service users to be calm and quite so that no disturbance takes place.

Teresa is at the doctors and there is construction work doing on in the background due to this Teresa is annoyed and is unable to communicate with her doctor this stops her from hearing important information, it can also cause misunderstanding and as a result of this the doctor could insert wrong data about her. As the noise level was very high it was hard for Teresa and the doctor to communicate effectively and this made Teresa feel anxious due to the noise in the background. To overcome the doctor should take Teresa to another room so that no misunderstanding takes place and that she is able to discuss her problems with the doctor with no trouble or interruption taking place. This will then allow the communication to flow successfully when communicating.


Inadequate space.

Inadequate space is insufficient space also the standard or quantity needed. Service users should be provided with enough space so that they are able to move freely without any hindrance. If a care home is very crowded and busy with inadequate space then this will not help communication to pass through effectively because the noise levels will also be very high. Care workers should make the service users feel very comfortable and valued for care workers should make it sound to them as if they have control over their environment, and as if it is their own room so that they feel a bit more secure. Additionally, inadequate communication can be the main factors that influences understanding between care workers and service users because communication should be constant and regular.


Janna  was feeling very frustrated when she was trying to move freely through her room because she kept getting blocked by things in her way and she was about to get tripped over and was going to get hurt by the door handle that was very close to her. This would have led to ineffective communication because Janna could have injured herself. To overcome this, the carer needs to be extra careful in taking care of Janna and they should keep an eye on Janna to see how she is doing and to see if she needs anything.

Amina is in a room with another carer and the carer is very close to her invading her personal space. Amina feels very uncomfortable because she has not enough space being provided so she tries to move a distance away. As she was trying to move she was struggling to breath and was feeling uncomfortable because she could feel the carer breathing on top of her. This made her feel very unhappy.

Poor lighting.

Poor lighting may be a health hazard for service users because too little or too much lighting can strain the persons eyes and can cause eye discomfort and headaches. This can also affect the health and safety of the people. Poor lighting can be affected by communication because if it is too dark or bright then the person won’t be able to express feelings towards the other person because if the person can’t see the person’s face then this can lead to miscommunication. Lighting can also give a person a headache.

It is important that the lighting in a doctor’s surgery is at an appropriate level so that it doesn’t affect the service user in any aspects such as poor lighting can give them a is also important for the lighting to be normal so that the doctor can make direct eye contact with his patient to show them that the doctor is concerned and wants to help them overcome their problems. If the lighting is very poor then the service user will not want to share their needs and difficulties with the doctor or any other worries they are worried about. If the service user is trying to say something and the lighting is very bright or dull then then this could be a problem for the doctor because they may not know what the patient is trying to tell them and the doctor may also not be able to see the body language or gestures they are using. Apart from this bad lighting can also strain a person’s eyes if it too dull or bright so the service user can easily get dictated so they might cut a conversation short. It is important for the doctor to create repot to ensure the lighting is just right so that it is comfortable for the service user to remain in the room and doesn’t give the service user a migraine. The doctor should make sure that the patient is able to understand information clearly so therefore they should make the brightness of the light should be normal.


Jenna has gone to her doctor’s surgery to attend her appointment. When she enters the doctor’s room she likes the lighting because it is no too bright for her and this makes her feel very pleased. This has a positive effect on her as she is able to communicate and express her feelings to the doctor. This makes feel makes her feel happy and comfortable and is able to interact with the doctor fully without any distraction and the doctor feels satisfied that the patient is able to share their feelings.

Katy has gone to her doctor’s surgery to attend her appointment. When she enters the doctor’s room the room is very bright and it hurts her eyes due to the brightness of the lighting. This makes her feel very agitated so she complains to the doctor to reduce the brightness. So the doctor then reduces the lighting so that she feels better and is able to interact with him.

Damaged or unsuitable furniture.

Damaged and unstable furniture’s can cause many injuries can be caused by dangerous furniture’s. Injuries are also caused by faulty and unstable bookcases, chairs, desks, wardrobes etc.

It is important that any furniture’s around the service user is stable and isn’t damaged because it can lead to devastating effects for instance an if a service user is disabled and they are hurt due to a char they were sitting on was broken it can cause fractures broken bones and broken limbs this can result in lots of other disabilities. The carer should ensure that any unstained furniture is away from sharp edge or glass decor because if the furniture was to brake it could hurt the service user or care ant the carer should keep them away from these dangers or to minimise any risks to the and others, it is also essential to ensure that there are clear boundaries of duty and good knowledge of responsibilities allocated.

A service user is having problems with their bed this can cause injuries to the service user and can cause further medical issues. A care worker should ensure that the bed is secure so that they don’t get hurt and injured in any ways. They should ensure bed is comfortable to sleep on and is in good condition because if it was to brake and nobody was around it could cause a lot of problems.


Kim was sitting on a chair that had a wobbly leg. Kim was by herself in the room with no one around her and when she felt the leg move, so she started calling for help. Immediately carer came to help her because she was disabled and was scared to make a move alone. This leads to effective communication because the care came instantly to see what has happened and also see if the service user is doing okay. However if she had no one around her to help and the chair broke she could’ve gone to hospital because she would’ve been in a lot of pain and because she is disabled it could have caused further injuries. This could have also led to ineffective communication. After this incident, Kim is really careful about unstable furniture.

Aliya is a service user and is having a problem with her bed and therefore is dangerous for the service user as she can injure herself and this could causer further injuries and this can lead to a medical issue. The care worker should be aware that the service users don’t get injured so they should keep checking on them to ensure the care home is secure and no one gets injured. They should also make sure that the bed is comfortable for the service users to sleep on so that they can have peaceful sleep.


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